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Enjoy quality free chat rooms specifically for lesbians. Chat with lesbians locally or from all around the world, we have advanced chat rooms always active and full of members. Our chat rooms will require Java to run (most computers have this) you can download it from the official Java Website. This is a new chat site and we will be adding alot more down the road, right now you can view lesbians in your local area, join our free chat room and quite alot more like registering uploading pics and so on. Thanks for choosing to chat with us, Please use our email form to Invite Your Friends

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 My girlfriend and i are looking for a girl 18 - 20 to join in a private party with us. message us on the site plz...

 I enjoy going out and meeting new people. this is my first time using online profiles to meet up with people...

 Searching for females 25 - 30 to share experiences with and eventually meet up, my email address is...

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We use advanced chat room software to bring our users the best of the chatting experience. ChatSpace is an advanced IRC program that has many features. You can have private person to person conversations while talking in the main chat rooms at the same. File sending through the chat software, you can register your nickname so nobody else can use it and create a basic profile. This is just some of the great features, connect to our chat rooms below.

We have two chat rooms. The free lesbian chat room and the free bisexual chat room. Both of our chat rooms are popular and have lesbians from all over the world chatting. Please be nice in the chat rooms and treat people with respect, remember everyone is here to have a good time.

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